Computer Wont Shut Down

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Code for restart/close down PC – autjb3fznrg please assist me with the restart and shut down PC code and if you may educate me.

And when you click on "ok" the laptop restarts or shuts down.


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The proper way to close down a pc is by means of pressing the Windows "Start" button and deciding on "Shut Down" from the to be had alternatives. However, once in a while a pc simply wont close down gracefully.

If your computer develops a fault, before you fork out for expert laptop repair, here are a few clean pointers to attempt.

It’s an sad day whilst you cross to turn your MacBook on after an replace or comfortable recharging sleep — and some thing is going.

In response, Mozilla took down the device.

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My pc iced up up the day before today.

Attempt to boot up with all fans and harddrive reputedly beginning ordinary and then after 2-three seconds it just shuts down.

Any tips.

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