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Whether you just bought your first iPhone or have been using one since the home button clicked, there’s one thing you might not know: how to take a screenshot. But we’re here to help.

The simple act of taking a screenshot is a bit mundane, but being able to do so is still a good skill to have. You might need to screenshot something for work, for your own records, or you may.

You can view it in the screenshot below. It is weak to Fire.

Its defense can handle physical moves, but when a special move hits, you can expect Smazee to take some serious damage in most cases.

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So no matter which Microsoft, Dell, HP or other Windows 10 rig you have.

I know, it’s a basic one — but it’s amazing how.

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Often, it is helpful to take a picture of your HP Mini’s desktop or active window, so you can illustrate to employees how to perform certain tasks. The HP’s "Prt Sc" key performs this function for.

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