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Attractive features include discrete graphics, a touch screen and the Asus ScreenPad — a second mini screen built into the.

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The tablet, made by Asus, was an exceptional piece of hardware.

HP’s webOS-based tablet never actually made it to market,

It is elongated. Although the resolution is not the highest (2160 × 1080 pixels, 403 ppi), it is quite enough for any task.

is probably what the Asus’ latest ZenBook would scream as it has replaced the ultraportable’s touchpad with a.

YouTube videos – we’re not sure how that would work in practice given most of.

ASUS ROG Mothership Review: An Excellent Movable Gaming Desktop Replacement That’s Built Like A Tank – For typing, the keyboard’s pretty good with great travel (not super tactile though), and you eventually get used to the right.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Drivers Windows 10 HyperX’s Cloud Alpha is the first gaming headset with dual-chamber drivers — one dedicated to bass and the other for mids and highs — designed to deliver a fuller sound. But that’s not what you. Video Games – On the surface, there may not appear to be much difference but there’s more tech lurking beneath

Asus has improved on its latest Transformer Book by including a larger and more responsive trackpad. It’s more akin to a typical laptop pad now, and that’s not bad thing: its surface is.

that you aren’t using the touchpad). Okay, so, does it help you work? Asus has an interesting concept with the ScreenPad, and the execution is surprisingly good. It’s larger than the Touch Bar.