My Monitor Says No Signal When My Computer Is On

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I am experiencing a peculiar trouble with my computer. When I activate my laptop.

E.G. 100% CPU usage = whole black display screen, no signal obtained in any respect. CPU idling, e.G. Zero-20% CPU utilization,

Computer doesnt choose up wi-fi signal – I actually have 3 other laptops inside the house that each one receive the sign so I realize it is transmitting. If I go to the site reveal.

Say it has greater to do with the router than my pc. If I reboot my.

My circle of relatives has been fortunate up to now and I am grateful, however I have encountered some demanding situations I did no longer anticipate a few.

I am working on a pal pc.

Machine might now not boot. When I took a glance they turned it on and the display said "no sign." There is no splash display screen and I can not even see the POST. I.

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i’m not able to get directly to my log in screen because it is going to no signal before then. And i’m not capable of run in safe mode because i cannot pick a choice Open your computer (I anticipate.

Got directly to.

I have a problem with my computer.

Still, same old. Says "Starting Windows" and after 1sec reveal loses signal. I know that my monitor is ideal due to the fact I tested it on any other PC. "you can run the.