Asus Touchpad Gestures Not Working

Update Drivers

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Huawei is a major Chinese company best known in the U.S. for its smartphones, but that’s not all it makes.

Microsoft Precision touchpad support and Windows 10 gestures.

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However, it does not come with one. Lenovo debuted the Duet.

with a soft blue accent band at the top, the keyboard with touchpad, and a back cover plate that magnets hold in place.

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Touchpad, something that could have enabled a slicker gesture experience.

There are so many similarities between the offerings from Asus, Lenovo, Google.

Of course, there are drawbacks. The touchpad and keyboard are quite small, there’s no headphone jack (and.

It’s not the sexiest looking.

too. The touchpad is pretty good as well, and is responsive and precise with support of Windows 10 multitouch gestures. Unfortunately, its build quality isn.

The artistry of the series draws inspiration from luxury timepieces, displaying sharp edges, an oversized keyboard and smartphone-like touchpad.

While ASUS has been working closely with.

By way of reminder, scrolling in Chrome OS requires a two-finger scrolling gesture on the touchpad.

apps that work with photos or other media. Those files can, as often as not, end up.

It’s not that this display will bother you while working.

Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad drivers and offers up smooth and precise Windows 10 multitouch gestures. No complaints there.